Group Therapy

Group Therapy is offered from time to time and is focused on a particular issue. Groups are limited to a small number of participants and will either run for a limited time (6 to 8 weeks) or will be an open process group. Group Therapy sessions are confidential and are held in a supportive, safe, nurturing environment. Groups are an excellent way for clients to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. It offers an opportunity for members to empathize, support and encourage group members. This is a wonderful addition to any of the other psychological services received.

Some past groups have included:

ED Recovery Support Group:  TEENS

  • For teens ages 13-17
  • A safe, positive, open group for teens currently in therapy and needing additional support in their recovery.
  • Monday evenings
  • Cost is $50.00 per group

The Body Project (Body Image Group)

  • For women ages 18-25
  • A group focused on improving body satisfaction

The Body Project: TEENS (Body Image Group)

  • For teens ages 13-17
  • A group focused on improving body satisfaction